Different Types of Coffee Grinders

As their name implies, single serve coffee machines are designed to dispense one cup or one shot of coffee at a time. These coffee makers are convenient, easy to use, and of higher quality than most coffee drinkers would expect. They make use of pods or discs during the brewing process, which in the long run makes the convenient since there is no need to measure or grind coffee, and it makes them easy to clean since the pods or discs can be discarded after the coffee has brewed.

At first, these types of coffee makers were made by smaller, lesser-known companies, ใบเจียร  whose products were not always of the highest quality. As their popularity has increased though, the world’s major and better-known designers have taken on the task of creating their own. Today, there are several high-quality single serve coffee machines available for coffee lovers of all tastes and budgets. The following is a list by designer, of some of the most popular models available.

Keurig B60
This coffee maker features one-touch brewing, and makes use of the patented K-cups during the brewing process. The K-cups are pre-measured to deliver just the right amount of coffee for one cup. There are many different flavors to choose from in the K-cups (more than most other single serve coffee makers). This model also gives users the option of selecting the strength and amount of coffee they want dispensed. On the negative end, customers have stated that the coffee maker is noticeable loud. Additionally, some have stated that one K-cup is not enough to make a strong cup of coffee, so often two K-cups are needed during brewing.

Senseo HD7890/65
Certainly one of the more artistic coffee makers available (one color option is a bright blue color), the Senseo is popular amongst coffee drinkers mainly because of the quality of its roast. Although like most single serve coffee makers, the Senseo is limited in the flavors available, most customers are surprised at the actual taste of the coffee. At under $80, this coffee maker is an extremely good unit for the price. Coffee is made quickly and easily, and there is even the option to use two pods at once for stronger brews. Most customers seem pleased with the product, although the unit’s design is such that only certain-sized mugs will fit underneath. Additionally, the coffee maker has a relatively small water reservoir, but there is an option to purchase a larger one.

Braun TA1200 Tassimo
An intelligent and diverse brewing system, the Tassimo is more than just a simple coffee maker. For a start, it gives users the option of making a variety of drinks beyond coffee, including hot chocolate and hot tea. One of the best features of the Tassimo is its ability to actually “know” what it is brewing. On the coffee discs that this unit uses is a bar code. The unit can actually read the disc’s bar code and determine the amount of water, heat, and time for each individual type of disc. Despite all of its functions, most customers report that the unit is relatively easy to use. It is also easy to clean, easy on the eyes, and features a large water reservoir. The central complaints among those who have purchased a Tassimo is that the coffee in the discs is of poor quality and that there are only a few flavors to choose from.


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