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The New Edge Blueprint and Immediate Edge

To be able to get your site up and running and noticed you need some heavy leverage these days. It is no longer possible to just pick any old website name stick up a couple of possibly interesting posts and hope for the best. Highly optimised websites are now the norm in the top positions of Google and in order to compete you really need some serious advantages.

Immediate Edge

If you are working alone you are competing in a huge market now. More and more blogs and websites appear every day and although the vast majority will never be serious players, the big fish in the market are refining their techniques, adding in knowledge on a daily basis and leveraging outsourcing and technology to give them an advantage that an individual can only hope to achieve with a little bit of help.

How do you get that advantage over these heavily leveraged website producers then? How do you get the Edge?

I believe that one of the best ways is by signing up to a monthly programme that keeps you up to date with the latest and most effective developments in the internet marketing sphere. I think I have found what I believe to be the best. I am a member of the Immediate Edge. The Edge is a monthly membership that allows you to get the latest tips and tricks to help your sites get noticed and noticed fast. Having done the basics of getting your site noticed through backlinking, directory submissions, social bookmarking and more you need something else, a secret sauce that is definitely unknown to most people. This is where the Immediate Edge can help you. The Immediate Edge is an extension of the Thirty Day Challenge in certain ways, the 30DC being free and for beginners. The Edge takes things a lot further. It gives you the advantage you need to start trumping others in search engine results but also allow you to learn a whole lot more about sales, conversion and strategy.

If something new and useful comes out you find out about it straight away of course, my latest blog can be found in the number one position in Google after just two weeks using the leverage given to me by the programme.

Now the Immediate Edge has brought out The Edge Blueprint, the “follow this course” to end all follow this courses. Watch as a master internet marketer takes you through the step by step process of creating a site. Then there is a over the shoulder look at how you should be developing the website, promoting it, getting it ranked, and a ton of other techniques to make sure that your website doesn’t just start up on a wing and a prayer. Go to the link below and bookmark the page and sign up because there is a huge amount of free content coming up to introduce you to the ideas and techniques.

The Edge Blueprint promises to change the way that teaching happens online and how you can set up your niche web properties. Don’t miss out.

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